How To Make A Voting Plan

We are officially 30 days away from the 2020 Presidential election. COVID-19 has presented new challenges in our voting protocols and it is imperative that you have a plan to cast your ballot. So, we’ve put together a list of considerations and protocols to get your voting plan in place.



The first and most important step is to confirm that you are registered to vote. Not sure if you’re registered? To check your registration, click here and scroll to your state. From there you can enter your name and see if you are registered.

Registration deadlines are quickly approaching (some states will pass this week) so the sooner you check the better. If you are not registered, you can do so here.


Early Voting, Absentee Ballots & Mail-In Ballots

Do you know if the state you live in has early-voting? Some states offer early in-person voting ahead of the election. If you plan on mailing it in, have you requested your absentee ballot and know when your drop-off or post-mark date is? has a quick link to request your absentee ballot plus information by state with deadlines dates and rules. It is imperative that you are clear on the dates in your state and don’t wait until the last minute.

Voting In Person

If you plan on voting in person on election day, here are some things to consider:


  • Where is your polling location? Confirm your polling location. With COVID-19 and added safety measures, your polling place may not be the same as it has been in the past.
  • Bring Proof of Residence: In some states, your Proof of Residence is required to vote. Check your Voter ID Laws to see what you need to have on-hand.
  • How are you getting there? Whether you’re going by train, plane or automobile, make sure that you have reliable transportation lined up. Don't have a ride? Request and schedule a FREE round-trip ride to the polls using RideShare2Vote. Call (888) 977-2250 (Please call at least two hours in advance of desired ride time). Lyft is also offering 50% off one ride up to $10 to any polling location or drop box using the code 2020VOTE*
  • Dress accordingly - You may have to wait in line outside, make sure you’re ready to face the elements. Check the weather for the day you plan on vote and be sure to bring an extra layer or umbrella if need be!
  • Stay Safe – There will likely be crowds at your polling center. Don’t forget your mask and hand sanitizer!
  • Avoid Hunger – Pack some snacks and water bottles to bring with you in case of long lines. Hunger is no reason to miss out on your right to vote.
  • Childcare – Your children should be the reason you vote, not the reason you don’t. When you’re the primary caretaker for little ones, arranging childcare can sometimes seem daunting and it can deter women from voting. Remember, the vote that you cast will shape the world your children grow up in. You owe it to yourself and to them to get out and vote! Make sure you know what time you’re going to the polls and who’s going to watch the kids. If your relying on your significant other, family or friends, be sure you have a schedule in place so that you can all vote.

Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Without A Plan

It is so important that you have conversations with your family and friends about voting. Empower your community by sharing your plan and state deadlines on social media, check in & follow up to make sure the people in your life are planning on participating. Voting is our privilege and responsibility – do not let your voice be silenced!

Do you have a voting plan?

Have you shared it with your friends yet?

Tell us in the comments below!